Color Distinctions in French Bulldogs

French Bulldog puppies come in a variety of colors and coat patterns. In its most simple forms, French Bulldog coat color can be simply described as fawn, with a variety of possible marking patterns and dilutions possible. Fawn can range in shade from deep red to cafe au lait to pale golden cream. The differences in appearance from here are all due to variants in marking patterns, which range from brindle - black stripes in varying degrees of repetition and thickness overlying the fawn base coat, to pied - varying patches of brindle overlaying fawn interspersed with white markings, to black masked fawn - fawn in differing shades with a classic 'masking' pattern on the face and dorsal area of the body. There are a myriad of variants of marking type, pattern, size and placement possible within these parameters.

Here are a few examples of common - and not so common - coat patterns and colors within French Bulldogs. All terms should be taken objectively, as there is a great deal of difference of opinion within the Frenchie community as to which term defines which color.




French Bulldog Color Description
Blue Pied French Bulldog A Blue Pied French Bulldog. "Blue" Frenchies are a result of the 'd' or dilute gene. In this form, the dilute factor has caused the black hairs to become blue. Pigment on nose and pads is also a greyish blue in color, and eyes are often blue or yellowish gold. Again, this color has also been referred to as mouse.
Blue Fawn French Bulldog Blue Fawn French Bulldog is a variation of blue, with coloring being seen most clearly in the masking points on the face. Typically they have green/grey eyes. It is said that they are usually produced by a fawn or red fawn parent.
blue French Bulldog This is referred to as blue French Bulldog, or blue brindle French Bulldog. Brindle markings on this dog have a "grey" hue, and base coat color is a solid blue-grey. It has been debated whether or not this color is also what the standards refer to as 'mouse'.
Tiger brindle French Bulldog Tiger brindle French Bulldog is a term reserved for dogs with a coat pattern comprising a fairly regular pattern of alternating fawn and black stripes, similar in appearance to the coat of a tiger.
brindle pied French Bulldog This pattern is referred to as brindle pied French Bulldog. Brindled areas - areas where fawn is overlaid with black striping - are interspersed with areas of white coat. Markings can be slight, or predominant.
cream French Bulldog Pale cream French Bulldog. Creams can range in hue from deep amber to rich butterscotch to palest gold. This color is generally considered to be a dilution of fawn, minus the masking gene.
black masked fawn French Bulldog This color and pattern are referred to as black masked fawn French Bulldog. The base color of the coat can vary in shade from red to tan. The mask refers to the marking pattern on the face.
Black and tan French Bulldog

Black and tan French Bulldog. Undoubtedly the rarest of the disqualified colors, this is still an extremely striking marking pattern. It has been theorized that black and tan was initially designated a dq because it is a dominant marking pattern in canines

liver, chocolate or brown French Bulldog This color can be referred to as either liver, chocolate or brown French Bulldog - each is a disqualification within the AKC or FCI breed standards but a very desireable and rare color. Dog has NO brindling, and is a uniform reddish - brown, with self pigmented lips, nose, pads,etc. Eyes have a yellowish hue.
black masked RED fawn French Bulldog This color and pattern are referred to as black masked RED fawn French Bulldog, due to the rich red hues of the fawn base coat. We have seen fawns in all shades, from brick red to honey to lemon yellow.
Red fawn pied French Bulldog

Red fawn pied French Bulldog. Paler versions are sometimes referred to as fawn pied, lemon pied or honey pied. As with all Frenchies, there may be a mask associated with this pattern.

reverse brindle French Bulldog This color pattern is sometimes referred to as reverse brindle French Bulldog. It refers to the fact that fawn is more predominant than the black brindling. In the dog shown, there is also a black mask present.
Ticked Pied French Bulldog

Ticked Pied French Bulldog. Dog has obvious freckled markings among the white areas of the body. Only the KCofE standard specifies 'ticking' as a DQ, but this pattern still tends to be heavily penalized in show rings everywhere.

Black brindle French Bulldog Black brindle French Bulldog - also known as Seal brindle French Bulldog - so dark it may appear black, but closer inspection will reveal at least a few lighter colored hairs.





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