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Health in French Bulldogs


Comments: French Bulldogs suffer from a few health problems at times that owners should be aware of:


Frenchie Health Problem
French Bulldog Health Problem Descriptions
Breathing That adorable mug conceals several potential health issues, so many that it has a name: Brachycephalic Syndrome. This is basically onother name for the smashed-face look our Frenchies rock. Any other breed with the same facial characteristics such as Pugs, English Bulldogs, Pekingese, Boston Terriers and a few others are said to have Brachycephalic Syndrome. Find out what this means for your French Bulldog's health.
Frenchie Orthopedics Why your bulldog is at risk for two serious spine disorders called Hemivertibrae and Chondrodystrophy. You probably have never heard of them but they are present in most bulldogs to a degree. Although not too common in the Frenchie as their smaller size allows less strain ion the spine, it should also be noted.
Skin Problems Along with many other canine breeds, Frenchies are prone to skin conditions including "hot spots", bald spots, and face fold infections. Blue coated dogs are also more prone to different types of easily treatable skin conditions due to the blue coat alone. Learn effective home treatments before you make a costly visit to the vet.
Eyes That squishy little face is once again to blame for some eye conditions. Because our Frenchies rock that smashed face look, it also makes the eyes pop out in a cute way we all have come to love. The "bug-eye" look is an obvious feature to the French Bulldog but should also be considered. Stay on top of your Frenchie's eye care.
Allergies Why your Frenchie is prone to allergies and how you can get him in tip top shape so he can resist them.
Wrinkles Once again sooo cute but they can get infected and smell terrible! There are easy, effective, safe home remedies and ofcourse staying on top of the typical Frenchie maintenance will usually keep these potential problems at bay.
Digestion It's a delicate thing! So many bulldogs suffer from digestive disorders. Keeping them on quality food and on a good balaced diet will sure make things easier on your Frenchies' stomachs.


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