Blue and Tan French Bulldogs for Sale

Blue and Tan French Bulldogs for Sale


Once again thanks for visiting us on our webpage where you will find the finest AKC registered blue french bulldog puppies and rare colored frenchies in the US. Here at SilverBlood Frenchies we produce the highest quality pups and are highly reputable breeders of this amazing breed. Please read on to get more information about our available blue, chocolate, lilac and black and tan french bulldog puppies.

blue French bulldog sales

We have put together an exceptional breeding program that focuses on quality, confirmation and temperament of our french bulldogs. Our frenchies come from the best sources in the world. We have done extensive research and studying of bloodlines and pedigrees to bring only the highest quality and substance to our breeding program. Our blue french bulldogs at SilverBlood Frenchies are Champion bred and of the highest quality Hungarian, Russian and American bloodlines. We are very knowledgeable with the magnificent bully breed and are always very happy to answer any questions you may have about our french bulldog puppies. We have been breeders of high caliber frenchies for over 12 years and our productions improve with every generation.


We have been fortunate enough to send some of our finest puppies to countries all over the world. We have sent frenchies to Canada, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Aruba, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia and France! Many of our dogs are also all over the US including Hawaii. Our pups travel in a very safe and controlled air pressurized environment via the Pet Safe program from United Airlines and within the continental US we also have ground shipping services and pet nanny services available. So your french bulldog puppy is guaranteed to arrive safe and in great condition. All of our puppies receive a health certificate and clean bill of health by a certified Florida state veterinarian prior to boarding their flight to their new homes.


The french bulldog breed is in my opinion the most rewarding breed of dog to own as a family member and a companion dog. They bring so much joy and laughter to their owners and entire family, adults and children alike! They are some of the most clownish little characters you may even encounter. The are small and compact and very portable and can pretty much go anywhere with you without the hassle a larger dog may bring you due to their size. No tails that may whip around from excitement and short coats that don't require combing or maintenance. They can be lap dogs and "couch potatoes" or can dash around in the yard or park when it's time to play and have fun. They are bulldogs so are tough and sturdy yet small and not overwhelming in size. French bulldogs are the perfect dog to have in a large ranch, small home, mansion, apartment, condo or townhouse! They don't require much room but can run laps around your big yard. Frenchies provide a world of fun and enjoyment that we feel cannot be provided by other breeds.


If you have been searching for quality, substance and healthy frenchie pups plus honest, reputable and knowledgeable french bulldog breeders that we believe you have found just that in us. Here at SilverBlood Frenchies we strive to please our customers by providing healthy, robust and quality bred puppies that will provide a lifetime of companionship and happiness! :)


Please contact us today for more information.

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